Split Column into multiple columns

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I am new to Grafana and I am using a POSTGRES DB as the data source. Within the POSTGRES DB, there is a table with a column named “distName” that I would like to split into multiple columns using the delimiter “/”.

Below is an example of the “distName” column:


I want to split the “distName” column into five columns: distName1, distName2, Node, Cell, and ID.

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

I looked at the Transformation, but not able to figure out a way to split the columns.

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Will this data always be the same number of 5 columns?

SELECT split_part(distName, '/', 1) AS col1
     , split_part(distName, '/', 2) AS col2
     , split_part(distName, '/', 3) AS col3
     , split_part(distName, '/', 4) AS col4
FROM   tbl;

Thank you for your help.

I changed your input to below to get the query I want

REVERSE(SPLIT_PART(REVERSE(“distName”), ‘/’, 1)) AS id,
REVERSE(SPLIT_PART(REVERSE(“distName”), ‘/’, 2)) AS Cell,
REVERSE(SPLIT_PART(REVERSE(“distName”), ‘/’, 3)) AS eNodeB,
REVERSE(SPLIT_PART(REVERSE(“distName”), ‘/’, 4)) AS Node

Thank you!

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