Sound when it reaches threshold


I have a dashboard that reads out CPU,HTTP 5xx, 4xx, memory etc from Prod servers.
We use to diaplay our dashboard in big TV screen.
I have configured the colours to change when threshold reaches (yellow(80%),orange(90%) and Red(95%)).
Is there a way in grafana to play a sound when it reaches threshold let says 90%.


Use a Grafana alert to POST to another service when these thresholds are hit. Create a simple web page that plays the sound upon receiving that POST. Keep this second browser tab open on the TV so that it can play the sound upon receiving the update, either by websocket (push) or browser reload intervals (pull). Just a thought.
We used a free online ‘text to mp3’ service to create all sorts of verbal warnings of interesting scenarios.
(i.e “flow failed”, “Error rate to core service”, “critical XYZ”). At the end of the day audio alerts shouldnt’t be something we depend on but I am guilty of doing this myself. :slight_smile: