Alerting without third-party application

I use GRAFANA to visualize the response times of my applications and I would like the PC on which the DashBoard is displayed to send an audible alert when exceeding a defined threshold. Is it possible without going through a third-party application like slack ?

you can use email or webhook notifications

Thank you for your answer, but I’m looking for a simple solution so that the PC that broadcasts my dashboard emits an audible alarm in case of alarm.

Maybe I need to modify the web page of the dashboard by adding a script that emits a sound when the state of my graph goes on alert ?

By testing the color change in javascript in the web page :

<span style="color:rgb(36, 176, 0)">IDOLS</span>

<span style="color:rgb(246, 35, 0)">OCTAV</span>

I find it very complicated just for my viewing console to beep-beep-beep in case of an alert !

In fact I just want my dashboard to emit a sound in case of alarm, there must be a simple solution !

Thanks for your help !


I tried to implement the modification available on GitHub : Configurable sound for alertList panel

But I do not see any change in the interface. Has anyone ever used this feature addition ?

after reboot, the code has been passed under /usr/share/grafana/public/app/plugins/panel/alertlist

There’s no “How to” or readme …
I’m in grafana V6.0.0-1

Thanks for your help.

Hi tchicken,
Could you do it? I found the same plugin (alertList) but I don’t understand how to change it.
Or another idea to have sound alerts…