Sorting of Software Version on Y axis of Heatmap

Grafana 8.2.0

I am looking for a solution on how to plot in the Heatmap panel. I currently have everything working, as desired. However, the versioning system we use has Major.Minor.Build. Build is a combination of date and build number, where (Maj.Min.3011) would be Mar 1, build 1, 4052-> Apr 5, build 2, etc.

The Y axis sorting in this case is fine, until we hit october. This starts with 10011 for Oct 1, build 1. This will be sorted by grafana on the Y axis between Jan and Feb. Is there a way to sort this into the proper location, after September in this case?


Hi @Kaarmaa I believe this is happening because that field is interpreted as a string, and strings are sorted alphabetically :man_shrugging:

Hey @mattabrams,

The root cause you explain is already crystal clear to me. The request is how to get the sorting fixed, if possible.