Sorted Bar Chart with negative metrics?


Im using grafana 8.5 and trying to build a bar chart with two prometheus metrics.
One metric is filesystem size (mb) and the other the size on the backup device.

I want to display them in one panel and thought the best would be a bar chart and one of the metrics as a negative value.

So far it’s no problem and looks like this:

In my imagination, I would like the bar charts directly beneath each other, not on the side.
And it would be perfect if the metrics would match. Like first positive value is filesystem1 size and right beneath it filesystem1 backup size. Like this: (dont mind my mad paint skills)

Is this possible?
If not do you have an idea for a smart and good looking panel to display these values?

Here is the blog post on how to do it with Apache ECharts panel:

also this

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