[Solved] Bar gauge : Apply threshold color to entire bar

We just updated Grafana to 7.0.5 (from 6.1).
So I tried out the bar gauge and ran into an issue with the thresholds.
When a bar hits the threshold, only the part of the bar over the threshold turns into the defined color (with or without gradient).
I’d like to have an option where the whole bar turns to the color once the thershold is hit.
Similar to how the gauge works.

Is this possible and I didn’t find how or is that not possible yet ?
The idea behind it is that I want to display a goal. As long as the bar is below 90%, it’s bad and should be red. But as soon as we go over 90%, the whole bar should turn green to convey the positive feeling (and not keep 90% of the panel red).

Thanks in advance.


What do you mean by “with or without gradient”? Have you tried the “Basic” display mode?
It should be the display mode that is working as you want, as you can see below:

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That’s it, thank you very much
I didn’t check basic because I preferred the look of retro LCD and the screenshot in the docs looked more like semi-randomized colors to me than thresholds.

I’ll create a feature request to have the same color behavior (as an option) for the retro LCD

How do you display the bar gauge proportionally?

I tried using it for the Memory and Operation metrics (on the left) but the proportions are not there.

I’m not sure this is the right place to ask (rather open a new discussion/thread)
That said, did you set the Max value for the available memory? Otherwise how could it know what proportions you expect.
Take a look at this one in the Grafana playground: Grafana
Min is set to 0 and max to 100

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Yes. I have set the max value to the value of the Total Memory.

Problem solved by setting the values for both Min and Max in the Field tab. Not just Max alone. Thanks, jtommi, for highlighting this.