Solar daily generation

I’m new to grafana and I am having a problem creating a graph from the data provided from a influxdb database.

I’m using GitHub - custom-components/sensor.owlintuition: A set of sensors to integrate the OWL Intuition devices network to gather data from my Owl intuition PV sensor

My solar panels provide periodic readings of the watts being generated and these are fed into an influxdb database over the course of the day.

Sometimes these readings are low, when there are clouds and then later, high in full sunlight.

I wish to combine the present, and the last readings together of electricity being generated, thus providing a rising graph indicating the cumulative wattage being generated, or at least, generated over the passing of a day from 00:00 to 23:59 hours.

I am using grafana to plot the results but sofar I’ve not managed to get a result.

1 I would like to see all readings summed from between 00:00hr to 23:59hr

2 I need 1 end of day figure graphed

I’m beginning to think that this may need to be a Influxdb operation or a grafana one, but I don’t know!

Hi @petesbradbury! What you’re trying to do should be possible. If you search the forum for “energy”, there are a fair few threads of people describing similar use cases. You might want to check out e.g. Calculate Energy Consumsion manually. Maybe see if any of them provide you some inspiration for how to approach this.

Happy to try and help if you get stuck somewhere. In that case it would be good to know (a) what your raw data looks like, (b) what you’ve tried already - in terms of Influx queries and Grafana charts.