SNORT 3, using JSON alert on latest GRAFANA dashboard

First of all I’m really beginner here…, so I do apologize if some of my questions are
“off the topics”…

I just implemented SNORT 3 solution on my Raspberry PI-4, using UBUNTU server 20.04. Everything works fine including installed latest GRAFANA for ARM64.
So I’m pretty much ready for the next step…Which is to implement JSON file(s) data onto “spectaculare” dashboard and completing my NIDS project.

So my question is…Has anyone tried this already…or some projects done in this way or for the similar subject?

Can someone point me to good overall guide making this happen ?

Any advice or pointer would be great at this point.

I know there is an example here, but not sure how to use it…or if it is applicable for SNORT 3 ?