Small Box with two letter like "AB" which turns red when there is no data coming from influx

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I am visualizing the real time data from influxdb in grafana dashboards. In my influxdb there are around 10 tags which has many fields. I am trying to create small box in a dashboards with short name of the tag and trying to make coloring like when there is data coming to influx and grafana then the box is green and when suppose i have no real time data the i would like to have box turned red.

  • How are you trying to achieve it?
    i am using flux query which i can have access to the data from each tag. But i have no exact idea how can i achieve my goal.

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I am looking for any plugin or dashboard design may be to have box with letter which changes the color with data and no data

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I got the easiest solution that I could think about:

select stat dashboard, use any query and set the options as follows:

under standard options set No value to the text that you want to display when there is no results from the query.
on thresholds select base as red and any other number to green

Of course, you can display whatever value from your query results, I just choose _time.

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