Slack Notification not working

When i am configuring slack and doing test its working and getting test message on slack but when i am creating alert then i am not receiving alert in slack channel.i checked the grafana logs and found below errors.please solve.

logger=alerting.notifier.slack level=error msg="Missing receiver
logger=alerting.notifier.slack level=error msg="Missing group labels

Hi @gourabkumar,
Thanks for providing the details.

The first thing is to ensure that the slack webhook works correctly with Grafana as there is an option to send out a test alert to slack.

I followed this video tutorial on setting up a slack webhook with Grafana and setting up a simple test alert rule.

It is for ver. 8.0 but I used it on ver 9.0.x and it seems to work fine.

I hope this helps.

@usman.ahmad i have been done this and test is working but when i am creating alert for High CPU usage and set alert notification slack (Email notification working fine in this situation) then its not working.I am not able to find the any errors as well.

Grafana: 9.0.x
Please help.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok If test alerts are getting received in slack that webhook is configured correctly. Now for your High CPU Usage alert, what datasource you are using?

Looking at the log lines you provided. It seems that you are missing labels in there, Can you please screenshots (or maybe a screencast) as how you are configuring your alert?

Thanks for the help @usman.ahmad please find the alert configuration.

please check and solve my problem.

What happens when you click “Preview Alerts” button on step#2 ?

Does it show some query result?

There was a problem in policy.Now its working.

I think maybe you need to disable the SMTP (email) notification and only use the slack. Because I think by default in your notification policies the email is set to default.

There was a problem in policy.Now its working.


Hi, I have the same question. How did you solve it?

Add the slack notification in admin group.It will work.

What do you mean by that ??@gourabkumar


what do you mean by that?? +1 @gourabkumar