Size of grafana dashboards for dimensioning

The Grafana dashboards take some space in the DB. We want to dimension a cinder volume based on this size. Assuming there are 1000 dashboards created , how much space would that take? Can it be quantified.
In the grafana I can see a grafana.db file, is the increase in size of the file after creation of a dashboard right way to do it.

That is very naive DB sizing, when you want to calculate DB size based on the number of dashboards. Dashboard contains 0-n panels + size of panels depends on the type of panel + DB keeps different versions of dashboards and other data.

Storage is “cheap” usually and it can be provisioned dynamically (especially if you are in the cloud), so start with small allocation and resize it later based on real usage.

The storage that we are trying to use here already contains a lot of other data. So, we are trying ro estimate based on rough estimate of single dashboard. There are customers who have that volume pre provisioned and are already deployed, during nova upgrade this volume cannot be increase, so it makes sense for us to let them give a rough idea how much dashboards they can provision based on their current utilisations.