Disk Space Requirements for Grafana DB on MySQL

With our Proof of Concept being successful, I am looking at moving our Grafana Instance to a high-availability instance, and so need to migrate to a MySQL database. Our DBAs are wanting to know how much disk space should be allocated for this, and thus far I’ve been unable to find this information in the documentation. Are there guidelines for this somewhere?

This depends mostly on your data retention policy and how much data you are getting. As you can imagine someone with a LOT of data and retains it for 5 years is going to need more space than someone keeping it for a week. I started at 500GB in production with a year retention.

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Thanks for that, but really I’m just speaking of the database that Grafana uses to store dasbboard configs as an alternative to the sqlite DB. Are those the settings you used for that?

No, i was talking about my main InfluxDB database. As far as grafana is concerned i dont think you need a lot of space for it.

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thank you, appreciate the input.