Singlestat panel not displaying YYYY:MM:DD for todays date

If the timestamp value is of recent time, singlestat panel is just displaying the hh:mm:ss. I am looking for the complete date format that I selected which is YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

Example: In my case I am selecting the current timestampsingelstat panel just shows HH:mm:ss which is what I am not expecting, how do even figure out which day that time belongs to? Attaching the screenshots for reference.

Selecting Current Time:

Selecting Yesterdays Time:

Grafana Server I am using: Grafana v6.5.2 (742d165)
Data source : MySql

There may be a better way but for MySQL data sources I just use the mysql date_format function something like:

select DATE_FORMAT(datetime, '%d/%m/%Y %H:%i')

Yes thats an option, but I wanted the time zone selected in Grafana to be effective.