Get wrong date, when i use curdate()

Hy guys

i have a problem and can’t find the correct solution

The problem is the wrong date…
I need to use the timezone +01:00.

Okay. the hour isn’t the problem. When i use
SELECT CURDATE() i will get the date of yesterday.

So i check the config.
In the config is the german timezone selected. That should be okay and grafana is correct setup.

When i use the terminal of my linux, CURDATE show also the correct date. So i think, mysql is correct set up…

When i show the date of the linux dist. i also get the correct date.

When i entry via phpmyadmin into my database and use CURDATE(), it will be also show the correct date.

But when i use in grafana CURDATE() it doesn’t work… i will get the date of yesterday…



Grafana requires utc time