Newbie Time Problem

Greetings all,
I am a newbie to Grafana.
I configured a simple Ubuntu 18.04LTS server and installed Grafana. The time zone on the server is CST (US). I have an existing MYSQL server that is also CST (US). I have data being gathered by a Raspberry Pi 2 also CST (US) and posting to the MYSQL server. All records recorded are accurate CST (US) time stamped.
When I graph ANY data on the Grafana dashboard, it is way out of the correct time. I have to set the time zone on the Grafana dashboard to EU-Dublin to get the right times.
I am thinking this is a config issue so I am posting here (sorry if not).
In any event, I must be exceedingly stupid (even for an American…) because it makes no sense to me.
Please could someone help ?

sorry your question is not understandable. please reformat it and provide evidence of your settings and the promiesed log so that a helper can make himself a picture

Melrose, your reply is not understandable.

I was exceedingly clear on my problem.

I figured it out on my own, thanks for the help everyone.

To anyone with date-time problems, here is the answer:

ALL DATE/TIME(s) retrieved via queries MUST BE FORMATTED AS “UNIX_TIMESTAMP(DateField)”.

Otherwise the dates/times will be all screwy.

you have not given this information , so this question is like reading glass ball. but glad that I could help anyway!