Single stat panel changes even when current selected

I have an issue with the single stat panel whereby when I select “Current” value to be shown and then select last 1h from the time picker, it shows a different value than if I select last 7d from the time picker.

Anyone able to provide some insight into how this works?


This depends on the datasource/query you’re using. Maybe you’re aggregating over longer period when time range is larger? What datasource? What query?

@mefraimsson The datasource is prometheus and the query is: sum(lt_customer_basicusers).
Then changing the time at the top right corner - If I select 1hr I see 3200 then if I select 7d then I see a different number. I have selected current from the options tab.

You could override the time for your panel so that it will always be last 1 hour even though the time range is changed. Or either use the problemetheus sum_over_time function which should give you a point of summary at each interval: