Simple plot of series


I have MySQL (mariaDB) and I want to print values there I have in one of DBs.
So I need something like this:

But after few hours I have no other ideas. All tutorials and other topics does not work.

My querry is like this:
current_timestamp as time_sec,
gateway_target as value,
gateway_target as metric
FROM BeaconApplications

While my data looks like this:

Why it is so not intuitive. Grafana send report that I do not have good axis setting but as other people mention I do not have option to change from Time to Series. Terrible tool.

I want simple plots from int data without any dates. What other to use?

This is my query from a MariaDB

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(date) as time_sec,
Ute as value,
‘Ute’ as metric
FROM temp
order by date desc
limit 9800

Cool but I want which are different columns, can I do it?

I do not have time here, just time of adding those values to the DB, I would prefer not to use this.

Sorry I don’t know how to solve with more than one column

I want to have something like this