Show Number of Logs at Spesific Time With Loki

hi, i a new to loki stack for aggregate logging

so i have around 50+ online servers that i have to grep and parse some logs to central server for easy monitoring. so i learn loki stack

and i have working loki stack, but i don’t know how to show amount of logs on the spesific time

if you look at that image, on 16:30:44 there is 1 log, but in graph, there is 100 … i don’t know what that means

FYI, my query for graph is

rate({filename="/var/log/asterisk/callback-2021-07-13.log",job="AsteriskCallback"} |~ "RESPONSE.*200"[$__interval])

and for logs table is

{filename="/var/log/asterisk/callback-2021-07-13.log",job="AsteriskCallback"} |~ "RESPONSE.*200"