Show next week future predicted temperature

Hi I would like to make a graph to show the predicted temperature in my office over the next week

Has anyone done this already and is there a recommended way to do this?

Is there a way to get Grafana graph to display future dates? It looks like the graphs only pick up data from last day/week/month


Grafana can display any time range you like, including into the future.

The question is, where do you plan to obtain data telling you what next week’s
temperatures are going to be?

Are you just assuming “next week will be much the same as this week” or is
there something more sophisticated than that?


Hi am going to make a python script to predict the data then store it in an AWS RDS postgreSQL database and import from there

How do you get Grafana to show future time range? In the graph timerange selector I only get last day/week/month



You have some possible solutions to your problem:

  • Set future relative time in the time picker, i. e. now | now+3d.

  • Manually change x axis at the code

  • Add a time override in your query

Take a look at the issue I had weeks ago, my problem was kind of similar to yours: Grafana custom time range for custom Graph Panel

thanks for your help will look into this

You should also have options for setting an “absolute time range”, with a From
and a To field.

Try something like “From = now-7d” and “To = now+7d”


Thanks Antony for your advice

I had a similar issue I wanted to solve: I have a dashboard showing today’s solar panel output and power usage (time picker set to “Today so far”). I also have solar forecast data (from and I want to display the coming week’s forecast in a panel on the same dashboard.

Setting the Relative time to now/w and the Time shift to 0d/w was as close as I could get for a while. This would display the forecast up to the end of the current week (Sunday). The problem being that the closer it got to Sunday, the less future days were visible.

After some further trial & error, I found that setting the Relative time to +6d and the Time shift to 0d/d does what I want: It displays today’s forecast and the coming 6 days.

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