Chart with past and future

Hi, I’m using the time series panel to show solar production per day. I would like to show the next 5 days in the panel in addition to the last 30 days, ideally the relative time and time shift options would be used to change what the panel shows instead of the overall time picker. I did find this comment on the forms but I have the same issue as they had where the future goes up to Sunday and then resets every week (meaning the closer it is to Sunday the less of the future I see). How can I get a graph to show the last month and the next 5 days or week?

Im using Grafana 9.3.1 and here is a screen shot of the config I have rn:

I suspect that having the Time Shift in units of weeks is the reason why it only shows up until the next Sunday:

If you wish to display the full period of the unit (day, week, month, etc…), append /<time unit> to the end

So I suggest using /d in the time shift and then play around with the relative time and time shift to achieve what you want.

For anyone else who stumbles across this my solution looks like this:

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