Setting a fixed time interval for a panel

I am using grafana 10.3 installed on my own debian system, fetching data from a postgreSQL-database.

I have a dashboard giving me an overview of the power consumption in my home, including what is produced by solar panels. I have made a time series panel where I can compare the so far accumulated production over the current day with production for the last week:

For this panel, I have set the query options to +36h relative time and 12h time shift. Then I will be able to see the graphs for most of the day, but it is sliding leftwards as the day goes on and I am not using the “screen real estate” in a good way, as I need to have buffers on both sides.

Is it somehow possible to set a panel to always show the data from 00:00 to 23:59 (or any other time interval) for the current day?

(To get the previous days data moved till today, I use “timefield::time+now()::date time” as the timestamp)

you can set the query time options here:


That was what I have been using, so I can only set the time relative to present time. I hoped I could somehow define a fixed x-axis defined from today’s date or to just zoom in on the time perion in which there are data.

Example Relative time field
Last 5 minutes now-5m
The day so far now/d
Last 5 days now-5d/d
This week so far now/w
Last 2 years now-2y/y