Ship Promtail / Loki data to rsyslog machine

Dear Community members ,
I’m using Promtain and Loki and i’m trying to ship loki or promtain data to a rsyslog machine . Is this even possible because i didn’t find any documentation of this topic.
Thanks in advance

Use opentelemetry collector in front of Loki: loki receiver and then Loki exporter (for your current Loki) and syslog exporter (for that new rsyslog machine).

Should i use also syslog receiver ?

Why? You don have input in syslog format

Could you explain to me more please ? i’m new here .
I understand the part that i will use opentelemetry loki receiver and loki exporter between Loki and Promtail . But I didn’t understant much the part of syslog exporter .
Thnak you so much in advance