Setup my SQL server with Grafana

Hello, I am working with our IT company to connect MSSQL to Grafana Cloud. The IT company asked me what IP Grafana will use to access our server. I assumed I would find this information in the documentation but I haven’t yet found it.

As an example, the software Skyvia, which we connected to our SQL Server recently, states in its documentation that it “will access your server from the IP or” We have whitelisted those IP’s to allow Skyvia access through the firewall.

Are there specific IP’s that Grafana uses to connect to SQL Server? I need to whitelist them so we can allow Grafana through the firewall.

I believe List of source IPs to allowlist | Grafana Labs is what
you are looking for.


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Thanks for your response.

I’m wondering how this would be setup for an SQL Server that isn’t public facing. For instance, we had to create port forwarding rules for Skyvia cloud connection to connect to our SQL Server. I am wondering if I need to create a port forwarding rule to allow every single IP address to be able to connect to our SQL database? I’m sure others have had a similar problem to this as it has to be quite common. It would be pretty ridiculous to allow every single IP address listed and to update them every time they change.

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