Access denied-SQL data source

I am trying to setup Azure SQL database (cloud) into grafana (cloud) and after putting all required information (local host, database, server authentication) i am getting “Access Denied” error. I do know that my SQL database applies firewall check for every new IP that tries to connect to the database however i dont have any idea how should i allow grafana to access my database if security is the hurdle.
Usually i will enter client ip in Azure platform to allow certain ips to access my database. But in case of grafana i am not sure how to set this up. help would be appreciated.

Hey @smoizmasood - check the following doc to whitelist our IPs. That should do the trick.

Thanks a lot @daviddorman i tried one of the whitelist IP but it didn’t work. You probably mean i allow access to all IPs in this list ?

@smoizmasood yup, that’s right.

this morning I did include all the IPs in the list and database is connected now. Super Thanks !