Service Topology Dashboard

Hi Community,

My employer is interested in building a dynamic server/service topology using Grafana.
I tried to used Grafana’s Simple Diagram plugin but it wasn’t enough since my management wants the affected metric to be inherited to the upper level of my service.

For exemple, Server A is unavailable(red), Cluster ABC turns green because Server B is still available.

I’m interested in finding a solution for this by building a custom topology scripted dashboard. I would like to know if any of you have done this before and if possible to share your experience.

Thanks in advance,

Samuel Januario

Sounds cool. Keep us posted on how it goes (or if you need feedback) - I haven’t heard of any other similar plugins apart from the Diagram plugin.

Thanks for providing this awesome information about topology. I was also in need of some topology related help. So, keep posting these type of informative post.

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