Sensor Data table

I have a problem and I’m shure that there’s an really simple solution but I’m not able to solve it myself:
I have an Arduino sending measurements to MQTT, Telegraf then stores that Data into InfluxDB and Grafana is visualizing this sensor data.
I want a table into Grafana that shows the exact time points when data is written into InfluxDB and the sensor data from this time point, like here shown:
Time | Sensor Data
12.12.2020 12:12:12 | 23 Grad
12.12.2020 16:12:12 | 26 Grad
13.12.2020 00:12:12 | 11 Grad

What I was getting to work is that the sensor data of a time interval (e.g 30 minutes) is shown, but that’s not want I want.

My English isn’t the best, I hope you Guys are able to unterstand it :wink: