Sending data directly to a Grafana Cloud OTLP gateway -- still possible?

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sorry for a potential newbie question, but I have been trying to follow the instructions for Grafana Cloud at Send data using OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) | Grafana Cloud documentation to set up a simple example sending data from a Rust microservice directly to Grafana Cloud via OTLP. I would like to avoid setting up additional processes, microservices, collectors etc. for my use case and use standard protocols.

However, I am not getting any OTLP gateway URL and credentials shown anywhere. Where do I find this? I noticed “Beta” markers in most of the screenshots related to the topic in the forum and on the web site. Was the functionality dropped?

Any help/hints appreciated.

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What is URL of that “anywhere”? It works for me, when I check my Grafana Cloud admin, e.g.<MY-ORG>/stacks/<MY-STACK-ID>/otlp-info

Of course MY-ORG/MY-STACK-ID are variables.

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Great, thanks for the pointer! That was easy.

The simple answers is that after the first sign up and subsequent “Sign on to Grafana Cloud”, I always got taken to I didn’t ever get taken to the Cloud admin panel and I couldn’t find any obvious backlink. I wondered where that is already …