Send_user_header not working

I use Prometheus and thanos as a datasource for grafana version 7.0.3 and 7.5.0

I have send_user_header = true in dataproxy section of grafana configuration but when I check network traffic through Firefox and Chrome I do not see the X-Grafana-User header.

Do I need to configure auth.proxy or something else? What am I missing?

If I’m not mistaken, this will only work if you access your datasource in “Server” mode. I.e. the header will be included in the request that the Grafana data proxy makes to the database server (hence the dataproxy section configuration).

It’s not something that you’ll see in your client’s network traffic, or if you’re accessing the datasource directly in “Browser” mode.

Thanks @svetb for the prompt reply.

In my datasource settings the access configuration has two options- sever(default) and Browser. I have the server option selected.

I’ve tried tcpdump on the server to inspect traffic and did not see this header being recieved by my datasource i.e. Prometheus nor was I seeing this header using my browser when inspecting the query traffic to the datasource.

Just realized that you are correct… my browser would not show this header.

I took a fresh look at the tcpdump traffic with -i lo for loop back adapter traffic and can see the header.

Thanks for your help!

Ah ok great to hear it! Happy to help.