Send snapshot of another panel in an alert

Hey Grafana community,

I got an interesting one for you…

So I’ve got a dashboard that reports on several processes, let’s say file imports for example.
I log job status in a MySQL table and query that table for errors using Graphana.

As Grafana doesn’t allow alerting on table visualizations, I have two panels side by side- a table showing specifics of the jobs that failed, and a graph with the same where clause that just counts the number of failed jobs (and alerts the support team).

We don’t give our support team access to Grafana. Ideally when the graph triggers the alert, it can generate a snapshot of the adjacent table panel and include it in the notification.

My security team is opposed to the anonymous viewer capability. So I thought I’d throw out a life-line here.


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+1. I also wouldnt mind this feature.