Alerting on other panels

the Alerting documentation says
"Currently only the graph panel supports alert rules but this will be added to the Singlestat and Table panels as well in a future release."

Does anyone know when this release is coming?

Is there anything we can do in the interim to get Singlestat or Table to alert in the current version?


At this point we cannot say if or when this will be implemented. You can follow and upvote the feature request Add Alert support for singlestats.

At this point the interim solution would be to use graph panels.


Is there any news on this? It seems like a really, really big oversight for it to have been left for this long. There’s nearly 400 likes and lots of frustrated users on that suggestion thread!

Most of the notifications I’d like to do are single stats, and having to create a graph for each of them is a really poor workaround.

I created another topic on this subject because I haven’t seen yours.

Hoping to finally get an official answer!!!