Report, Snapshot / Picture of Dashboard or Panel


This seems easy, but I admit - it’s causing me to lose hair … :laughing:. Just trying to email myself a snapshot / picture of a plot of mine, every so often. Not a biggie, but having no luck with the API to get it working. It’s likely me (ok, it IS me - I know that), but a few questions, as I struggle through the postings I can find. Thanks in advance for any pointers you may have!

  1. It seems that “snapshot” isn’t what I would think it is - a current “snap in time” of one of my plots. Rather, it seems like you have to feed in external data for this?
  2. I did create a couple snapshots, in the web interface, but then the API returns an empty list? I was able to get settings type info, so I know I’m using my API key correctly. Is it that the API can’t access snapshots created in the web interface?
  3. Or, as I want data from the plot (not external) … is “render” what I need? I admit, it’s all a bit confusing … and I seem to have issues getting much / any HTML out of the API. Many commands work, but not items like (for example) api/snapshots => I get the “If you’re seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files” error :frowning_face:.

Has anyone got the API working, to grab a “snap” of some dashboards or panels, and output the HTML (to put in an email, for example)? I did find these, pretty much what I’m trying to do (, … but this is just a small home system, not really an enterprise system (nor worth the cost for a play thing, I assume).