Send JSON data to Grafana?

At the moment I have static JSON data that is being hosted on a JSON HTTP server. I want this data to be sent to Grafana so it can be graphed (like a time series) and not as a table. The data is static.

How can I get this data onto grafana? Is there an exporter for Prometheus that will accept JSON data?

Have you considered using the JSON datasource with the desired URL? For example, I use this:

EDIT: I just realized you stated you want a time series graph. Obviously my example above is not that, because I am just hitting a website every x minutes and displaying the data. I would think there are many agents which can scrape the JSON URL and populate a database of your choosing.

EDIT2: Found this: GitHub - prometheus-community/json_exporter: A prometheus exporter which scrapes remote JSON by JSONPath

You can get the data in grafana by hitting the http url directly using infinity plugin without prometheus

What does the json data look like and which data pieces of the json do you want to plot