Selecting multiple value data source variable with a single click (grouping of data sources)

I have a data source variable that can be multi-value. I am dealing with hundreds of data sources that I want to be able to group select, i.e. select multiple data sources in a single click.

I’ve been trying to get it to work with an additional custom variable, ${name}, with custom options:

group1 : datasource1name|datasource2name, datasource3

And then in the data source variable add an instance name regex filter like:


I tried this regex as a starting pointing, verified with regex101 that it returns only the first match. I expect it to work like this:

/(${name})/ = /(datasource1name|datasource2name)/

However, this implementation only works for single name variables, e.g. ${name} = datasource3. But not for multi source names. It appears that it doesn’t just copy the datasource1name|datasource2name into the regex directly.

I’m also open to any other suggestions to group select data sources.

TLDR: can we group data sources somehow, and select them by group?