Select only one value from list of values from a Template Variable in Grafana

Hi ,

I have created a bar gauge for my requirement that looks like below. I am able to achieve what I wanted except for the label name. In the graph , I am showing the TPS values against each build , I am able to fetch the data but the label names should be dynamic. Here all the gauges are labeled “TPS”. I want the label names to be dynamic like TPS_1233 , TPS_1234 , TPS_1235 etc.,. I tried using TPS_{$buildnumber} but it shows all the build numbers at once as follows TPS_{1233,1234,1235…}. Is it possible extract each value from template variables and then add them with the label name?. something like TPS_{$buildnumber[0]} , TPS_{$buildnumber[1]} ?