Prometheus template variable in another template?

$cluster	| label_values(elasticsearch_indices_docs,cluster)
$instance	| label_values(elasticsearch_indices_docs,exported_name)

Is it possible to have the possibilities given by $instance change when I change $cluster ?
(Each cluster has different unique instances.)

more: I have a bunch of metrics that are based on $instance like elasticsearch_jvm_memory_used_bytes{exported_name=~"$instance"} I’d like to have only the metrics of the instances of the cluster when I select a cluster.

of course, if you use another variable in your template variable query they become linked so if you update one all the variables that use it will also update.

Cool !
But I could not find any example or tutorial showing it, do you have one ?
thanks !


label_values(metric{label=~"$othervariable"}, otherlabel)
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Great thanks ! Worked with label_values(elasticsearch_indices_docs{cluster=~"$cluster"}, exported_name)

Not work for me here. I have two variables: cluster and instance, when select cluster1, instance shown None instead of all instances in cluster1. Dont know why, any suggestions?
request result2

and here is my metric model in prometheus:

for more infos here:
how to assign one variable to another while using grafana templating #14389