Scale x-axis labels with time interval

Is it possible to visualize a (bar) graph with distinct times on the x-axis, that match the number of groups? It appears not, i.e. I would want a 7-day bar graph (1 bar per day) with 7 distinct days displayed on the x-axis, but number of dates scales independent of selected time interval, it is instead depending on the panel’s width.


You have to use the X-Axis mode=Series instead of X-Axis mode=Time if you always wants to have 7 days nevertheless selected time range. You find this setting in panel edit mode and the Axes tab. But to be able to do this you need to use a query that will return a series per day.

Have a look at the following example panel:


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Though I don’t know how to “group by day” to return 7 series, I assume I should use “Group by: Terms”, somehow? (using elasticsearch, and the field is called “Timestamp”)

I don’t think you can do this in Grafana using elasticsearch as datasource. If you had weekday in your documents you could group by terms: weekday.


Can I replace the X-Axis with something like build number? Let s say I have differen relase build come out, I only want to track those data with the build sequence.