Salesforce Plugin - 401 Unauthorized, Unexpected token 'G', "Get "https"... is not valid JSON

Hi all, I am still on the Grafana Cloud free trial and have installed the Salesforce plugin and successfully connected a Salesforce sandbox as a data source.

When I try to use the query builder, I have a number of issues:

  • There is a 401 Unauthorized error message
  • I have a popup message: Unexpected token ‘G’, "Get “https”… is not valid JSON
  • The query builder does not show any objects under Entity
  • A simple query in the SOQL Editor (SELECT Id FROM Case LIMIT 100) doesn’t work

I am really keen to see if I can use Grafana to create dashboards for non-Salesforce users so I would appreciate any help! I am a Salesforce Admin (not a developer) but I can write SOQL as well as follow instructions.


Hi team! Please open up a technical support ticket with our team and we can look into this further. Just go to your Cloud Portal and under “Support” click “Create a Ticket”. Thanks!

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401 response code indicates that you have wrong credentials.

Ticket #124022 raised, thank you!

I wish it were this simple as incorrect credentials. My data source is working and connected.

Now that you have successfully created a datasource you can create a dashboard that uses that datasource