Results truncated ,max series reached (1000)


Hello , I am getting this error in some panels where I am visualizing data as graph in grafana version v8.2.6 because of which the data shown is incomplete (I am monitoring more than 1000 devices for “restart” and looks like results are truncated to 1000 as shown in picture) ,how to fix this , Thanks in advance

Is it possible that more than 1000 devices could have restarted?

as far as I can tell ,no , else we would have an issue reported … anyway regardless of how many devices got restarted or not , is there a way this issue can be fixed to show all the data?

what datasource you are using ?

Also, logs will be helpful here (/var/log/grafana/grafana.log) to see if there are any errors when this happens.

you can modify it in influxDB datasource configuration page.