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Hello everyone, is there any possibility in K6 to export a detailed report after each run which includes all the errors with status codes, all requests with response times (90th, 95th)etc…something similar to Jmeter HTML report? Thanks in advance

Hi @AG1337 !

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For sure, it’s possible :relaxed: There are a couple of ways to do that, but for instance, if you’re looking for just HTML output, you can use the k6’s extension GitHub - benc-uk/k6-reporter: Output K6 test run results as formatted & easy to read HTML reports.

Let me know if that helps,

Hi @olegbespalov,

In my opinion, AG1337 means results like JMeter HTML report with details charts for ex these is the parameters that contain JMeter HTML report:


  • [x] Excections → Fail, Error%
  • [ ] AVG
  • [x] Min
  • [x] Max
  • [x] Mean
  • [ ] Median
  • [x] 90th pct
  • [x] 95th pct
  • [x] 99th pct
  • [ ] Transactions/s
  • [x] Network(Data Recived)
  • [x] Network(Data Sent)

Over Time

  • [x] Response Times Over Time(AVG response in ms)

  • [ ] Response Time Percentiles Over Time (successful responses)(Response time in ms)

  • [ ] (90th percentile, 95th percentile, 99th percentile, Max Med, Min)

  • [ ] 90th percentile

  • [ ] 95th percentile

  • [ ] 99th percentile

  • [x] Max

  • [ ] Median(Middle)

  • [x] Mean

  • [x] Min

  • [x] Active Threads Over Time(without filter)

  • [ ] Bytes Throughput Over Time(Bytes / sec)

  • [ ] Latencies Over Time(AVG response latency in ms)

  • [ ] Connect Time Over Time(AVG connect time in ms)


  • [ ] Hits Per Second
  • [ ] Error Codes Per Second
  • [ ] Transactions Per Second → Request name (URLs)
  • [ ] Total Transactions Per Second
  • Transaction-success
  • Transaction-failure
  • [ ] Response Time Vs Request → Failures/Successes
  • [ ] Latency Vs Request → Failures/Successes


  • [ ] Response Time Percentiles → Request name (URLs)
  • [ ] Response Time Overview
  • Requests having response time <= 500ms
  • Requests having response time > 1,500ms
  • Requests having response time > 500ms and <= 1,500ms
  • Requests in error
  • [ ] Time Vs Threads
  • [ ] Response Time Distribution

Could you please write a script that exports the data from CSV or JSON and appear it on the HTML details reports with the charts?

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Hi @fuadqpros !

If the need is to make the graphics in the result HTML sure, the suggested reporter won’t fit since it works on the aggregated result.

And as far as I know, no output produces static HTML reports with graphics. But you could output the metrics to the CSV to JSON and create your custom static visualization (and here I can’t help you) on top of that.

However, the effort in creating such a thing could be higher than just using a different approach for the visualization Ways to visualize k6 results.



Thanks for this idea @olegbespalov :star_struck:
That’s helpful :ok_hand: