Html Report Generation for reach of the requests, not only summary

Hello, what should be the best way to include in the default html report the details about each request, not only summary?
For example lets say we have 4 requests in the test and I would like to see in the html report the min/max response time for every one of them, not only aggregated.

I am using both:
import { htmlReport } from ‘K6 Load Test: <%= title %>’;
import { textSummary } from ‘’;

And summary.html is generated as expected with:
export function handleSummary(data) {
return {
‘summary.html’: htmlReport(data, { debug: false }),
stdout: textSummary(data, { indent: ’ ', enableColors: true }),

But I would like to include also the other stats as I mentioned. Is there an easy way to do that or only option is grafana visualization?