--summary-export results to HTML or visualizing

Hi Team,

After the test execution I got the export.json, by running as --summary-export export.json. How do it visualize the results Grafana or any HTML report generator.

Hi @Gerard

First, welcome to the community forum :tada:

Our documentation already explains, much better than I would, various ways to get your k6 data into Grafana. The gist of it is that you will need some time-series database to receive/load/store the data k6 produces, and build Grafana dashboard panels based on this data.

Thus, depending on your setup, and which technologies you’re most familiar with, you should find the information you’re interested in there:

  • The Prometheus section will help you with getting k6 and Prometheus setup to work with each other. k6 and Grafana Cloud should provide additional information as to the Grafana-specific setup part of things (it should apply to non-cloud Grafana all the same)
  • The InfluxDB + Grafana section should help get you started using the InfluxDB time series database instead.
  • Another documented integration is the one with TimescaleDB

You’ll find a good deal of other integration, workflow examples and instructions on how to get started in the results’ visualization part of our docs too.

Hope that helps, and let me know if I can be useful in any other ways :+1:

If you just need to generate a simple HTML report, then the k6 handleSummary() callback in combination with a simple JS snippet that generates HTML reports (e.g. GitHub - benc-uk/k6-reporter: Output K6 test run results as formatted & easy to read HTML reports) might be sufficient for you?

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Hi @ned

The HTML report generation working on local run, but when i execute on the docker standard out shows generating summary report
but can’t find the HTML report on the mounted folder (-v /src:/src ).

Guide me on this.

By default on docker the reports are saved inside the /home/k6/