K6 CSV/JSON Results to HTML report

Hi Team,

I am trying to find a possible solution where I can put the k6 results into an HTML report.

I am very well known of influxDB+Grafana, which i have already implemented and which is working fine.

But due to some challenges, project team can’t run influxDB+Grafana. This is only the reason i am trying to find a solution for good HTML reports.

If this solution doesnt exist within K6, that is ok but if somebody would have implemented by implementing any library or any other sorts of coding/solution is welcome.

@jeevananthank @mstoykov


Hi @pawansinha4u,

I am not aware of anyone who has done that and has published it :(. Hopefully someone comes by and shares one, but I haven’t seen one so far.

You can look at some examples using jq that will get you some data out of the json output that are in it’s documentation and similar things can be done with the csv, but you will need to do it. Also, this basically depends a lot on what you need :(.

The summary export is a much more condensed summary of the test - basically what you get as a summary at the end of a test but in a json. This might be easier to work with at get something going, but arguably if that is too little infomration you likely need something like influxdb+grafana.

Hope this helps and good luck
p.s. if you build it please at least tell us :smiley: , even you can’t publish it for others

Hi @pawansinha4u,

Have a look at the community project by Ben Coleman at GitHub - benc-uk/k6-reporter: Output K6 test run results as formatted & easy to read HTML reports. It sounds like it would fit your needs.