Request: Make Time series charts fill value backgrounds according to their thresholds more nicely

I would like the Time Series to be more easy to understand when dealing with thresholds. In my case, I am visualizing AQI (Air Quality Index) data, and when it goes too high, it’s not understandable enough.

This is the best what I could get from the Time Series:

However, this is what it’s like in the Bar chart (much more understandable):

The reason why I don’t like bar charts, is that they have some issues with time (X) axis (time data isn’t spaced equally).

So my request is to allow Time series charts to behave like bar charts (fill the background from the bottom to the top based on current value).

This is needed for a screen that I’ll be installing in the local municipality, I want it to be intuitive for the elderly staff that’s working there.

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This sounds like a feature request

We would recommend creating this request on our GitHub Discussion page using this link and filling out the information in detail so that it gets more upvotes and visibility to get on the roadmap.