Request for Grafana adaptive refresh rate based on time range

Currently using Grafana 8.3.6, and we regularly have issues with users loading dashboards which are exceedingly expensive/heavy to query for on our backends.

What typically happens, a user opens an operational dashboard with a narrow time window and a high refresh rate, they see something interesting and zoom out from last N hours to last N days, or N months, but the high refresh rate is still honored, leading to excessive load on the backends, and general sadness :sob:

What I’d like to see is an adaptive refresh rate scaling based the time range window, eg:

  • From < 24h, refresh = 15s
  • From >=24h && <7d, refresh = 1m
  • From >=7d && <30d, refresh = 10m
  • From > 30d, refresh = 1h

And importantly if From and To are explicit timestamps (not an offset of “now”) refresh should be disabled entirely to prevent reloading the same window repeatedly