Realtime (1 second) update wanted together with a display of time range of hours

Thank you (very much) for Grafana.

I am working with data that updates over minutes and several hours and I want the UI to show this entire time period. When a new datapoint is written to influxdb, I want the UI to respond in real-time.

So far, I can have either the long time range or the second-by-second updating, but not both.

Please advise if this is possible.


Hello @ericmsmythe,

While it is possible to do this:


…it has obvious performance and resources drawbacks.

It is not possible to set a different refresh rate and time range for different panels on the same dashboard at this time. But you may be interested in following the conversation here:

Also note that the database will never update Grafana when new datapoints are written. Grafana has to send a query to obtain them, so it will never be exactly “real-time” the way you describe it, but it can get close.

Thanks @adeverteuil,
Your remark made me persevere with this use case. I had fiddled with the default in Time Range and when I noticed this and then reset it, I achieved exactly the heart beat tracking that I was looking for…

Onward …

Thanks and best wishes,