Representing a pipeline on a dashboard

Hi there,

I am trying to display a pipeline on a Grafana dashboard.
At the moment I am using a separate Single Stat visualization to represent each stage of the pipeline.
The stage metric returns 0 if it hasn’t run yet and 1 if it has completed - so using thresholds the visualizations light up green as they finish.
I am just wondering if there is a better option to display this info?
The advantage of Single Stat is that I can manually arrange each visualization in the order that the pipeline runs, and I’m not sure if any of the other visualizations will give me that option.
I am using Grafana v9.5.1 - any suggestions are much appreciated :slight_smile:

@peterb27 You can try the Canvas panel

We recently created a tutorial to explain the latest features and advanced elements:

Thanks @mikhailvolkov - will give it a try

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