Change appearance of Gauge panel based on a second metric

Hi folks,

We are using a Gauge panel on our dashboard to represent a certain metric - just wondering if it’s possible to change the appearance of the panel based on a second metric?
For example if the value of metric A could change colour based on the value of metric B.
We’re using Grafana v9.5.1 - any suggestions are much appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you.

What is your data source? Please post sample data used

So we are using the Gauge to represent progress of a pipeline.

Metric A displays percentage of pipeline that has completed and that is working perfectly on the Gauge as expected.
Query: {getPipelinePercentage{env_id=~“$EnvID”, patchBuild=“$PatchBuild”}}

Metric B is used to show on a separate Single Stat panel on another dashboard when a stage in that pipeline has run longer than usual.
Query: (getPipelineStage{stageName=“$StageName”, env_id=“$EnvID”, patchBuild=“$PatchBuild”})

What we would like to do is have a way of highlighting in the Gauge panel for the overall pipeline that a stage has run longer.
Is that possible?