Repeating a panel causes errors

Panel error is: “1:109: parse error: unexpected op:*

It’s a gauge panel, and here’s the ‘A’ query. The ‘B’ query is nearly identical.

(irate(ifHCInOctets{job='snmp',instance=~'$Device',ifAlias='$interface'}[1m]) * 8 * 100 / ($speed * 1000000)) or (irate(ifInOctets{job='snmp',instance=~'$Device',ifAlias='$interface'}[1m]) * 8 * 100 / ($speed * 1000000))

Device variable:

Interface variable:

Speed variable:
Query: ifAlias{job=“snmp”,ifAlias=~".(DIA|P2P).",instance="$Device"}
Regex: /\b([0-9]{2,5})M\b/

This works great on its own. It gives me interface usage in a gauge format. As soon as I try to multi-select or select ‘all’ with repeating the panel based on ‘device’ I get the error above.

The only thing I can think of, is that some of these devices do have two interfaces to choose from. So maybe it can’t handle repeating because of that?