Repeat Row per parent variable and then Panels inside each Row per child variable which is based on the parent one

Hello all,

Is it possible to repeat Rows based on a Query variable and then repeat Panels inside each Row, based on another Query variable that takes the first, row-level variable as input? Now, the child variable query does not return any values because, i guess, the variables are calculated only when either dashboard loads or the time period is changed and the parent variable does not have any value yet.

This is not supported. Better look at programmatic ally build/generate dashboards.

Got it.

Don’t you think it could be a good addition? I understand that one can go thus far without code, but it seems to me that such an implementation completes the Repeat story: Repeat Row per a variable that is initialised on Dashboard Load and then Repeat Panel per Row per a variable that is initialised on Row Load.

Combining them is very complicated and also would need to fire new template variable queries for each row to know the variable values for each panel.

Ok, just asking! Thanks!

hey guys, can you please provide me some tips or ideas for this… almost 3 years later is still not implemented :slight_smile:

This is possible If I understood it right!

Lets take variable Region: loc1, loc2 and nested with varaible Intaces: ie on selecting loc1 we get instances 1,2,3 loc2: 4,5,6.

Enable repeat row for Region and enable repeat panel under row for each instance and use both variables in the query as well.