Repeat Panel Nested variable

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This is my first post to the community.

I need help in templating for Grafana.

We need to have a dashboard for close to 20 customers. this number will increase.

We need to use repeat rows or repeat panel for implementing the dashboard. to start with, we have masic metrics like CPU, Memory utilization and we are using singlestat for those.

the metric is of the form: iacs.MDM.hostedServices.DELUXE.PROD.10_183_49_124.CPU
I created 4 nested variables: Product, Customer,Env,ip (for ip address)

When we use repeat rows option for ip, we could not use the multi select or include all option for the rest of the variables. We get an error.

The requirement is to be able to hide all variables and the basic metrics replicate for each customer and env on the dashboard refresh.

Since we are not able to use include ALL or multiselect option as row repeat throws an error, the current dashboard can work only when we select 1 entry from each of the 1st three variables. Hence we cannot hide the variables.

As an alternative, we tried to have 1 variable $host that will have a custom list of values.

eg. IIS_GENPACT_PROD_10_47_50_123,IIS_GENPACT_PROD_10_47_50_126,MDM_STJOSEPH_PROD_10_186_230_132

If we can extract all 4 parameters from this list i.e Product, customer, Env, Varible and use it in the query, we can use the row option to replicate for all customer and products.

But it appears, influxdb does not support string functions.

Have been struggling with this issue for quite sometime now.
Appreciate your help.

We are using grafana 4.2 and influxdb.

hi everyone!!

is there a way to Parse template variable.
I have a variable $host with comma separated custom values of the form :slight_smile:


i need to pull the first word delimited by “" in $Product
2nd word delimited by "
” in $Customer
3rd word delimited by “" in $Environment
4th ip address delimited by "
” in $ipaddress

We need to to able to use these variables in the query as follows:

select (value) from /metrics.iacs.$Product.hostedServices.$Customer.$Env.$ip.CPU/ where $timeFilter and value=1 group by time($interval) order asc

Request a solution to this issue.